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Have A Report Function Specific To "Child Abuse Material"

Welcome - I had 4.000 members on the original A.C.A.L.F. page WHICH HAS BEEN TAKEN OVER AND I HAVE NO CONTROL OF IT, SO PLEASE JOIN THIS NEW PAGE , THE PERSON I LEFT AS ADMIN SHE WONT REINSTATE ME AS ADMIN.. EVEN THOUGH IT IS MY ORIGINAL CAUSES PAGE and i did all the work on that page and started A.C.A.L.F. many years Minty Challis facebook page was shut down,,was shut down by the Zionists and i was called a terrorist buy the government in UK ,and hounded buy the British media, who spread untrue rumours about me for defending children who have been abused ---so i have no control of the original page, and the person i left as admin wont add me as admin on the page,very strange???? so now i am re-starting the page and have found all the old contacts in my old emails we are reforming and will not shut up! we do not kill people we just speak truth!!!!! you child abusers do abuse and kill children! and need to be exposed.... Salute! A.C.A.L.F. stands for = Anti - Child - Abuse- Liberation- Front. we have been around for many years but not active for 5 years now it is time to all get together again and help - share - join - plan and not shut up! we intend to support anyone who wants to demo against elite child abusers we hope to have a peaceful demo outside parliament London one man has already done this i see him as a hero i hope we can all stand together with our own story's of our abuse to show the world that politicians and many Elite have been and still are abusing children :( PLS JOIN MY NEW A.C.A.L.F. PAGE....

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