--- In Romania there are over 200 local pounds where street dogs are abused, left starve and die because infections, mass spreading diseases or dogs kill each other, the weaker being eat by the stronger ones?

--- Puppies don't survive in local pounds due to terrible infected environment while in freedom, even not vaccinated, there are better chances for puppies to remain alive?
There are less then 5 private shelters in Romania which offers dry dog food for dogs diet and not leftovers, or expired products from supermarket which often poison the dogs instead of providing nutritional balance for their bodies?

--- There are less then 3 private shelters in Romania which hired a professional security company to protect the dogs wellbeing and the goods against possible abusers?

--- There are over one hundred "so called shelters" created and managed by hoarders which keep collect and collect dogs from streets without having the resources to provide minimum of care or at least the every day food?

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