Hi All,

Can you please help us with a mission for the Pit Bulls and their hapless lookalikes in New Zealand? 

As you know, the face of the SPCA in this country, Bob Kerridge (Executive Director) Auckland SPCA, National Manager RNZSPCA) is regularly quoted in the mainstream media and shown in person on TV in prime time telling our public that “All Pit Bulls are born bad” and advising people not to take them into their homes. This horrible propaganda campaign is costing countless innocent dogs their lives as SPCAs up and down the country refuse to take them or re-home them (not all SPCAs but too many), the pounds usually kill them and people are scared to adopt them. 

The American Pit Bull Terrier Association Inc and SPCA Watch have started this petition requesting that Bob Kerridge explain why his opinion is so seriously out of step with qualified experts and if he can't proves he's right then he should admit that he is wrong, publicly apologise and resign. 

Please sign and share this petition not just for our dogs here in NZ but for dogs of ‘the type’ everywhere that suffer and die while such profound ignorance and unfounded bigotry persists.

SPCA Watch (NZ)


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