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Mary Shogren

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Honor Veterans By Helping Their Children Get The Proper Care

As a daughter of a Vietnam Veterans exposed to Agent Orange this campaign is very important to me. My father is 100% disabled veteran who has diabetes from his exposure to agent orange. My 2 siblings and I all have diabetes. I also suffer from infertility, celiac disease, and disc issues. It is sad that the government has contended that Agent Orange only caused issues in veterans and the offspring of female Vietnamn Veteran. It's about time to establish this to research and assist the offspring of male Vietnam Veterans. Please contat uour senators and congress members in support of this bill. It is much needed.

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April Tobias

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Honor Veterans By Helping Their Children Get The Proper Care

I am a Vietnam Veteran's daughter. Agent Orange was used while he was there. It is a toxin that is affecting not only my dad's health but also may be the cause of my digestive problems the dr.s call a "possible autoimmune" issue and fibromyalgia. My Dad has diabetes and heart issues. My son has signs of Aspergers, chronic ear infections , comprehension delays and a speech delay. I have learned that Agent Orange can affect the third generation as well. I am motivated to run this campaign to help any Son or Daughter or Grandchild of a Veteran to get the help they need. I also want to do what I can so my Dad knows I am helping to spread the word on the problems of Agent Orange. Thank you.

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