This is a great overview to share with others about Agent Orange and the effects that it had on the Vietnamese population AND American…Read More

"My children are a gift that God gave me. The state did not receive those children from God and then forward them on to me with conditions.…Read More

Adopt Uniform Parenting Time Guidelines ~ Separated Parents

Nonadversarial Family Law Models In most countries, including the United States, court processes are designed for adversaries. A competitive, zero-sum model is used: one party wins something; one party loses what the other wins.  When a couple submits a dispute over custody of their child to a court, it generally will be inclined to deal with it…Read More

The Burn Pits of the Iraq and Afghanistan veterans as well as the WMDs they may have come in contact with and Agent Orange from the Vietnam War require a comprehensive and scientific research program to determine the possible generational effects of these toxic exposures. Please contact your…Read More

After extensive research we believe that our beautiful daughters the claim that my daughter's Chromosomal abnormality is due to exposure to unknown toxins before, during and after my husband's deployment to Iraq.
He was deployed to Iraq in July of 2004. He left behind me and our 6 month old…Read More

My father was in veitnam and he passed down agent orange to me I was born with deasised colon and A blood clot disorder along with alot of mental health issues all i want is help from the goverrment to pay out live long damages that we suffer from daily.

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