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Michelle Belus

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Honor Veterans By Helping Their Children Get The Proper Care

This campaign matters to me because I lost my father due to agent orange and unfortunately my little brother and I both suffer from many medical issues that are caused from the agent orange. Children of veterans exposed to agent orange are at a much higher risk of developing heart disease, many forms of cancer, diabetes, and many other medical issues than the average American and at a much younger age. Children of Vietnam veterans exposed to agent orange are at risk of possible organ failure.(AARDA) states that there is untold suffering of persons with autoimmune diseases due to misdiagnosis and delayed diagnosis which may result in damage to vital organs. I was recently diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and i have been seeing a doctor monthly to try and figure out the diagnosis I have been in such severe pain that it puts me into tears and I can barely walk or move my fingers. I pray that i get the help I need to live a long healthy life and be able to play with my daughter without being in pain and I pray she never has to deal with any of the medical issues my brother and I have to due to the agent orange.

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Regina Rogers

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Honor Veterans By Helping Their Children Get The Proper Care

My husband served on the DMZ in So. Korea during the years 1968-1969. Agent Orange was used without anyone's knowledge. 1999 an article was printed front page news outing the USA on the use of AO in So. Korea and the billions of $$$$'s that had been paid out secretly to the soldiers and families there, and population. My husband was diagnosed with cancer in June 2008 and died May 2013, the last of his unit that had been stationed there. He was 65 years old. He endured a removed left jaw from the center, lymph nodes, neck muscles, teeth of course, inside of his mouth secondary bone from a leg to help make a jaw with the titanium. Muscle from calf of same leg to make a mouth. That was the first surgery. He went through maximum chemo and radiation at same time, was on liquids. Had a trach tube. His last surgery four months befor dying his mouth was removed, half his tongue, lip removed, rest sewn shut half way. Permanent trach tube and stomach feeding tube. He had suffered mild brain damage in first surgery due to nearly bleeding to death during the 17 hour surgery. His eyes suffered damage by the nerves to the brain being damaged. His son was born with Hypospadias after a rough birth, later being aphasia. Surgery took care of the first, time and special ed. Took care to help him over come the other. He is very bright. At age ten he had an enlarged spleen for no particular reason. He has had spells of jaundice through his life. He was second born. I had a miscarriage before him. He has a son with an eating disorder affecting his entire system. Talk of a pacemaker system to regulate his stomach has been considered. My first born was a daughter, two weeks early, who had bronchitis at less than six weeks old and continued to repeat that for years. She has an immune system problem. Even though she had five girls, two were born with malformed ears. One has no sense of pain, heat, cold. Another has bronchial problems, one has asthma, with inhaler. For seven years my husband's case has been back and forth with the VA. I filed an Appeal with the US Court of Appeals regarding VA and received a remand with a stay for 90 days. That ended June 29th. I am waiting for an answer. Wish me luck in winning for my husband. I will file for my children and theirs after! Please sign the letter to get research going for families! Regina

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Kathy Distel

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Honor Veterans By Helping Their Children Get The Proper Care

There are too many children being diagnosed with cancer, autism, leukemia, and many more devastating illnesses. How many of these stem from a relative's exposure to chemicals (i.e., a soldier stationed at Ft. McClelland) or Viet Nam or anywhere there are chemicals tested, stored or disposed of. Please help pass this bill to save our children and our soldiers!

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Connie Peters

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Honor Veterans By Helping Their Children Get The Proper Care

I am thoroughly disgusted with our government and their inability or total lack of concern for our veterans before they are sent off to senseless wars that have nothing to do with the USA, and more sadly, have not put the desperately needed resources in place to assist our veterans and their families with medical- both physical and psychological- attention badly needed when they return from their duties, especially in light of the psychological damage caused once the veterans are totally aware that the war/wars they've been fighting in to keep those of us living in the USA safe, serve one purpose and sadly that is to put monies into high ranking government officials pockets. It is a proven fact that war is only perpetrated by our government so they can make money, lots of money, or worse yet, in my opinion, go into third world countries with the promise of new roads, better schools and other promises to improve the lives of these poor illiterate starving persons they rarely keep in order to get the control of HUGE worldwide resources, such as The Panama Canal. I have read several books that whistle blowers have written to assuage their consciences, what is left of them anyway, that clearly point out the exploitation of these resources by our government, and the role each of these CITIZENS played to make certain the USA would gain, and keep control. The first book I read was written by John Perkins stunning compelling novel in 2004, CONFESSIONS OF AN ECONOMIC HIT MAN, where he courageously describes in unprecedented detail that he was an Economic Hit man, whom he defines as "highly paid professionals who cheat countries around the globe out of trillions of dollars, funneling money from the World Bank, the US Agency for International Development (USAID), and other foreign "aid" organizations into the coffers of huge corporations and the pockets of a few wealthy families who control the planet's natural resources...Their tools include fraudulent financial reports, rigged elections, payoffs, extortion, sex, and murder...which has taken on new and terrifying dimensions during this time of globalization. I should know; I was an EHM." Perkins goes on to explain the bribes and threats he received in the last decade that prevented him from telling his story. It was the fact that when he shared his fears about what the consequences of telling his story to his only daughter, a recent college graduate told him: "Don't worry, dad. If they get you, I'll take over where you left off. We need to do this for the grandchildren I hope to give you someday," References are provided in end notes, in the event we want to pursue the subjects further. I mention this book because it demonstrates that "world leaders are manipulated to become a part of a vast network that promotes US commercial interests...but ensnares these leaders in a web of debt that ensures their loyalty, drrawing on the whenever we desire- to satisfy our POLITICAL, ECONOMIC, OR MILITARY needs. What they get for their loyalty: Executives at our most respected companies hire people at near-slave wages to toil under inhuman conditions in Asiaa sweatshops. Oil companies wantonly pump toxins into rain forest rivers, consciously killing people, animals, and plants, and committing genocide among ancient cultures. The PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTrY DENIES lifesaving medicines to millions of HIV-infected Africans. TWELVE million families in our own US worry about their next meal. Further: energy industry creates ENRON

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Mary Palmer

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Honor Veterans By Helping Their Children Get The Proper Care

As a daughter of a Vietnam Veterans exposed to Agent Orange this campaign is very important to me. My father is 100% disabled veteran who has diabetes from his exposure to agent orange. My 2 siblings and I all have diabetes. I also suffer from infertility, celiac disease, and disc issues. It is sad that the government has contended that Agent Orange only caused issues in veterans and the offspring of female Vietnamn Veteran. It's about time to establish this to research and assist the offspring of male Vietnam Veterans. Please contat uour senators and congress members in support of this bill. It is much needed.

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