"Fighting For My Brother"

Our Legislative system is corrupt and racist

Teenagers are having their lives stolen from them

Without further investigation.

Unexpected crimes; prison term LIFE

Whites serve six months

Blacks are sacrificed.

No more standing up; I find that funny

Poor, over charged and laughed at;

Look, look at the dummy.

I used to sit in the shadows till things hit home,

My brother was 18; release date 2025

20 years to serve alone.

No one took the time to invest in his past

Young and dumb; the usual age for mistakes

Unfortunately this will be his last.

Father became incarcerated at his age of 7

Mother placed him on Ritalin

Then abandoned him at 11.

Drugs used to control him; now his father’s released

So stressed in a unhappy home

Forced out on the streets.

Attacked so bad became hospitalized

Terrified of this gang

Now carrying a weapon at his side.

Soon to be a father but became rejected

Hurt but found love elsewhere

Promised to protect it.

Walking with his girl, cousin and friend

Was taken advantage of by older guys

Five grown men.

Think, think ,think, what will you do

He attempts to walk away

But they charged so he shoots.

Shoot blank bullets into the air than ran

Before he knew it he was tazed

By Mr. non-investigating policeman.

Mr. Policeman broke his wrist due to fear

Both was sent to the hospital

While the news leered.

They lied about my brother saying a drug deal gone bad

The usual saying for blacks if you listen

My brother is sad.

Now in the Justice Center with no defense

Public pretender didn’t tell him of the time he faced

Our family knew of no judgment.

The day we went to court we were all surprised

Take the 20 years or he’ll serve 44

Tears took over our eyes.

Not familiar with our Judicial System we took the plea

44 years we knew he wouldn’t make

Let alone trying to serve 20.

A first time offender whom made the mistake of his life

Sign the petition, help to free him


All children eventually age look into their eyes

REMEMBER, this can be YOUR teenage son or daughter;

Convicted and stolen life.

Written by Diane Simmons


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