We, the Egyptian people, who have decided to take to the streets on the 30th of June 2013, would like to make our voices heard. Following the success of the People’s Revolution, and the ousting of the Fascist regime of the Muslim Brotherhood, we have witnessed Western media reports call our revolt – a military coup – well, it certainly is NOT.More than 20 million of us took to the streets to say (GO) to a president who was not only incompetent in governing the country, but who also, with his group of fascists, threatened the very existence of Egypt. We said NO to a regime that wanted to eradicate a 7000 thousand year old civilization; a regime that called opposition traitors and heretics, and a fascist group that incited Egyptians against each other and called for violence and bloodshed...

Can people in the West condone such a regime? Would you have liked to live under a regime that ostracized women and minorities? Would you have liked to be ruled by a man who worked for the best interest of his own faction, ignoring the rest of the population, and encouraging exclusion? How many of you would have accepted the appointment of incompetent people in high office just because they are members of the ruling faction? Would you have liked to live under the rule of a government that encouraged nepotism? How would you have felt when you heard, on a daily basis, these horrible TV channels, encouraged by the Muslim Brotherhood, threatening all those opposed to the regime with violence and murder? Could you have appreciated a government that did nothing to stop, or end, the siege of the Supreme Constitutional Court and the Media City? Will you accept a regime that did nothing to stop the attack on the major Cathedral in your country, or punish those who have burned down churches and forcibly displaced hundreds of Christian families? Will you condone the thousands of lawsuits brought against journalists and artists? How would you have reacted when you had to go for days – in 2013 – without water, electricity or gas, just because those in office are totally incompetent? Tell us, will you have tolerated living surrounded by garbage because your government could not find a solution for garbage collection in this day and age? And finally, who in the West would have accepted a president who issued a constitutional declaration that gave him unlimited powers?

Nobody would have tolerated such excesses – SO WHY SHOULD WE?Dear world,To be informed by MB representatives and sympathizers in Egypt, and elsewhere, is certainly a biased act that only goes to prove that the media industry is directed by official government attitudes and is far from being honest in transferring the truth to the people. When in January 2011 Egyptians ousted Mubarak, all Western media hailed this as a revolution, despite the fact that he (unconstitutionally) delegated the power to the Supreme Council of Armed Forces, which ruled for 18 months! Why was it not called a military coup then? Strange! Well, it was encouraged because it was in the best interest of some governments to have this state of affairs. And today, when double the number of people in 2011 took to the streets against Morsi, and the head of the Constitutional Court is sworn in as interim president - it is labeled a “military coup”- double standards – to say the least!We fail to understand the rationale behind marring the image of an exceptional, truly magnificent great mass revolt against tyranny, fascism and terrorism. Unless, indeed, it is in the best interest of governments who have invested in supporting religious fascism in Egypt!People of the world, please see the truth as it really is: we rejected a regime that was destroying our very identity and our homeland, we revolted and the army responded to our demands. It is that simple. Egyptians are inventing their own history, and that is how we want it, and the governments that are going against this had better understand that they are really going against the people of Egypt.Long live Egypt.Egyptians & Proud.


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