Petition for Erin

My son; A preacher Believer African Hero.

Leader Succeeder The ultimate Achiever.

A boy who grew, Into a very wise man One who follows scriptures Bringing peace to our land.

Even with peace He was wrongly convicted Stole my sons life Gave him to the prison system.

No longer free and home Even after he had witnesses to attest; Folks who knew nothing of my son But he still was placed under arrest.

A strong individual His dreams caress the sky Bible study during lock down Still praising the most high.

So wise He understands this is just a journey Caged up and still into his scriptures From sun rise to the following morning.

Even behind bars His family is still first And though I hurt inside He says; Mom, it could be worst.

My son Has the faith of a mustard seed Sign my petition Set this innocent man free!


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