Lacking Vision

  • Update #18

No where in America are the animal killing contests getting more support than from the very agencies designed to in theory protect wildlife. Here in New Mexico, the Game and Fish Department have a long history of collusion with the Livestock Industry and…Read More

Stop animal killing contests

  • Update #17

It is important that we have a large turnout this coming Wednesday in Truth or Consequences, NM for the US Fish and Wildlife Service hearing on Mexican Wolves. Let your voice be heard before the slaughter begins!!! Civic/Convention Center 400 W. 4th Ave. …Read More

Stop Animal Killing Contests

  • Update #16

Bold Visions Conservation remains engaged in efforts to end animal killing contests. We continue to meet with state representatives and to work towards resolutions from city councils to stop the madness of animal killing contests. Our goal is to organize the…Read More

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