Animals are our best friends, they are not food or dress....respect nature, love animals....stop killing our innocent friends, they are a…Read More

Stop Animal Killing Contests in America

Wildlife slaughter for fun is inexcusable. Please sign the petition. If we continue to permit the needless extermination of apex predators, we not only jeopardize the existence of that animal, but we affect the ecosystems which depend on those animal to maintain balance. Wonder why we have too many…Read More

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Stop Animal Killing Contests in America

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Can you imagine one day waking up and you cannot see anymore? The little things we take for granted can mean the whole world to a lot of…Read More

BrightFocus Foundation: Alzheimer's disease, macular degeneration and glaucoma | Formerly American Health Assistance Foundation (AHAF)

  Learning & Understanding View our high quality medical illustrations and learn more about risk factors, symptoms, prevention, screening, diagnosis, statistics, and other important facts concerning these diseases… About Alzheimer's Disease About Macular Degeneration About Glaucoma Take Control of Your Health Find information on common and…Read More
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