Its a sad thought that people do these un-Godly acts towards animals. Shelter's are the worst about doing this and I wonder what can a person feel after doing this to many at one time.

Whenever we depersonalize another being we become less ourselves. Indigenous people have traditionally respected the beings they hunt with the awareness that we all participate in the cycle of life. To make a contest out of eliminating other beings for sport is an arrogance that leads to big…Read More

It is disgusting just to read about these horrible practises.The men doing this should be send to Afganistan or Irak where they can experience what they do.We need to bring the governments to trial which do nothing to protect all lives.Animals are better than humans.They would never do that to…Read More

I love animals, and feel God created them for our joy and to teach us love and forgiveness. People don't realize animals feel pain, loneliness and fear as we do.They were not ment to take your anger or hate out on them. If you feel that way , you need serous help with your issues. God will judge us…Read More

Hay gentuza ( no puedo llamarles de otra manera)que les gusta matar, disfrutan con ello.Es lamentable que un ser humano que esta por encima del animal común, por sus actos esté por debajo del reptil. Estas gentuza son cobardes y muy peligrosos ya que disfrutan, matando, torturando y viendo…Read More

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