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Veronica Cockerill

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Stop Animal Killing Contests In America

No animals should have to suffer 'for any human 'be it for meat 'skin ect 'and certainly not Contests 'No one is putting a stop to this 'or making it Illegal 'The time spent trying to stop all cruelty to Animals 'is worth our time 'but it has to be heard and acted on'the sights we see are pure evil and wicked torture 'the poor helpless animals do not speak 'we are the voice for them 'now 'If an animal attacks anyone 'it is doing so because it feels threatened 'you are in their place and space 'or they may be protecting their babies 'whichever 'they will be shot and killed 'now Man can kill any amount of animals 'to eat 'for sport 'or pleasure 'also the torture that is wicked and shocking 'to rip their fur of 'to skin them 'to get make up perfumes ect 'it does not matter 'Man can kill hundreds 'nothing said /done 'we have to act 'as God would want 'as we want 'because we are human 'their isn't a name for those that take pleasure from seeing animals suffer 'they certainly are not human 'We are 'we feel their pain 'and we will not sit back and watch 'without doing something about it 'they only have us 'it is so disgusting to have to see these poor little innocent animals suffer such pain 'the Powers that be 'Must put an end to it all 'like the Circus's and the captive sea life 'it must stop 'only we can take this stand for them 'let us pray 'that we can accomplish some good for them 'it pains and sickens me to see these beings hurt innocent animals 'to hear their screams it is terrible 'a horror to live with 'this is why 'we are tying 'we want them to be loved and left alone if wild 'not tortured 'not for sport 'it must end !

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Debra Kramer

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Stop Animal Killing Contests In America

I want to stop the needless killing contests of animals in America! There is no reason for such cruelty to these animals. These are God's creatures and they deserve a right to live and not be Killed by heartless men! They kill in such huge amounts , just to win a contest! Not thinking of the animals lives they are snuffing out!They lay out the bodies as trophies and smile at their act as if they should be proud! These men have no heart! Please sign the petition to stop these killing contests. They are killing so many for nothing, but their stupid pride and showing of no heart!

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