Animal killing contests are a disgusting, inhumane pastime. The so-called 'hunters' use automated coyote calls, and even raise orphaned coyote pups (from slaughtered mothers), to kill in their their next contest. They use high-powered rifles with scopes to shoot the unsuspecting coyotes that respond to the automated calls. 

Some prairie dog hunters actually set up tables with their rifles on tripods--hundreds of yards away--to prevent spooking unsuspecting prairie dogs.

Many 'hunters' purposefully gut-shoot coyotes (shoot them in the abdomen), so that they die long, horrible, and painful deaths.

Killing Contests are inhumane and reprehensible, and must stop NOW.

One of the worst things about these contests, is that the organizers are almost wholly small gun shops in search of publicity, so if we identify them, we're doing exactly what they want us to do! This presents us with a problem: the vast majority of citizens across the globe are offended by this practice, while the entire population that hates us, is the contest-holder's ideal target audience. Any actions we take against the perpetrators is like free advertising!


1. SIGN the Petition to Sally Jewell asking for an Executive Order permanently banning Animal Killing Contests on US Federal Lands

2. Call and Write your State Representative, State Senator and Governor. Let them know Killing Contests must stop in your state. While Bold Visions believes this is the least effective form of protest, support of banishment calls need to far exceed the support of continuation calls.

3. Visit the Bold Visions Website and read more about Game & Fish Reform.

4. Donate to help keep this cause moving!


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