Texas Parents Union wants to

Pledge To Support Pro School Choice Candidates in Texas

We desperately need school choice in Texas. Our elected officials need to support broad education reform.

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    The Texas Parents Union (TXPU) is a grassroots organization seeking to represent parents and…Read More

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More exciting news at Texans for Education Reform: "Linn is stepping down as an Education Advisor to Gov. Rick Perry to assume the position…Read More

TER Announces Julie Linn as Executive Director

Texans for Education Reform
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 9, 2014 Contact: Sherry Sylvester                                                                   210-241-5296 [email protected] (Austin, Texas)  The Board of Texans for Education Reform (TER) announced today that Julie Linn has been appointed Executive Director of the statewide organization.  In announcing…Read More

Great news! Texans for Education Reform has created a political action committee (PAC) to endorse candidates in Texas that support…Read More

Texans for Education Reform Mobilizes for 2014, by Morgan Smith

Morgan Smith
An education advocacy group that became a lobbying powerhouse during the 2013 legislative session with the backing of Texas tort reform heavyweights is now turning its sights to the upcoming election cycle.  Texans for Education Reform, whose legislative package included measures to encourage the growth of online education and charter schools,…Read More
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