I have members of my family who joined up and fought through many of the war's from the Boar war to the Second World War. In that time may of the survivors found that they didn't fit into the new world, could not forget the carnage, fury of the fighting, and the death of so many friends and…Read More

No human being should be subjected to these horrors, let alone a veteran of the USAF. I pray something can be done to help this woman recover and lead some sort of a happy life. Our lord never intended this kind of suffering and torture on this earth.

Please help we are losing way to many of our Military people because of suicide and other mental issues, that they aren;t being treated for. :-(

The veterans have in their lifetime made sacrifices of their personal matters & most importantly own family to defend their country & people . This is the very fact that at times of aging & illness should provide medical benefits by the Administration for their great contributes done.

"Suicides across the military have dropped by more than 22 percent this year..." Good to some progress made. Let's keep it going!

Military Suicides Drop Significantly

The Huffington Post
WASHINGTON -- WASHINGTON (AP) — Suicides across the military have dropped by more than 22 percent this year, defense officials said, amid an array of new programs targeting what the Defense Department calls an epidemic that took more service members' lives last year than the war in Afghanistan did during that same period. Military officials,…Read More
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