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Give All Oif/Oef Veterans Equal Medical Benefits

For years we at VVA have been calling for better VA management. Not at the top, but in the middle. The internal Board of Directors of the VA and other federal agencies are one of the most significant challenges to fixing the VA Culture of non-management. Few if any of the senior managers in the VA have any professional training in management. By that I mean at least a masters degree in management. Until we fix the management of the VA, neither Congress nor a new Administration will ever get a handle on this problem. Unfortunately it is not limited to the VA - it is systemic in the federal government and in some state governments. If you know how to manage, you know how to fire incompetence. I did it often, but it was because I had the training and knew how to do it within the contracts and OPM rules. Ric Davidge

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Rick Heath

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Give All Oif/Oef Veterans Equal Medical Benefits

Our Veterans have fought for us, and it is important to keep fighting for them. We need to stay on our Government and not let them take away what these people deserve just to crunch numbers. When it comes to taking care of those that are taking care of us, we need to do a lot better and it needs to start in our homes with our families.

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