Support Equal Access to Active-Duty (AD) Medical and Mental Health Care for National Guardsmen and Reservists In Accordance With (IAW) Department of Defense (DOD) regulation.

SAME Mission SAME Uniform SAME Injury DIFFERENT Treatment

Despite the fact that the Department of Defense (DOD) has developed regulatory administrative guidance to manage the physical/mental health, welfare, and readiness of ALL Service Members (SM) who are injured or become ill due to their support of Active-Duty (AD) missions.

Reserve Component Service Members are systematically Released From Active- Duty (REFRAD) and little to no consideration is given to the type or severity of the illness/injury that was incurred during their Active-Duty (AD) service.

SUPPORT: SAME Mission SAME Uniform SAME Injury SAME TREATMENT in accordance with CURRENT Department of Defense (DOD) Medical/Mental Health Treatment and Benefit policies and regulations.


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