Making an animal totally defenseless by mutilating him just so that he can be attacked and killed is the epitome of cruelty! Bear Baiting or Baying reflects so negatively on both Pakistan and South Carolina, their govt. and citizens! There is no form of life that is lower on this earth than people…Read More

It's sickening that people get pleasure out of any animal being tormented. The particularly disgusting aspect of this is that a bear is a naturally strong, intelligent animal that has it's natural defenses (teeth and claws removed) and is tethered therefore it can't protect itself at all. It is an…Read More

I wholeheartedly support any inhuman treatment of people and animals. What if this was the other way around and the dogs were tied up and being attacked by a bear. Or the bear was trained to just hold off the dogs and not attack them. It is extremely traumatic for the animals and I cannot stand to…Read More

Just watch the video and you will be able to see torture of bears by these red necks and now you will know why we need to stop this. PLEASE I tried to get a hold of government people and was blocked by the government? Please help, this video says it all. Randy Gaiero