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Randy Gaiero

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Outlaw Bear Baiting In South Carolina

This is something that needs to be addressed. I now a lot of people will write back after they read my story but then that's it. Please write to the cowards in government in S Carolina and send them your message. You could also write to the people that work in government where you live. This has been going on for decades and no one says anything about it. I can't imagine how much pain and torture for the bears. Watch the video and do something about it, not just write a comment. Please help and if there is enough of us can at least let the people now what is going on. I know there is a lot of people who want to help these horrific things that are concerned with the bears. If we could just find out how to put it out to the newspapers and articles and maybe television. I will never stop trying to help. I cried and I don't cry easy but this one is a killer. Sleep was not an option for me after viewing the video. Barbaric Horrific Unbelievable PLEASE TRY TO HELP Thank you very much. Sincerely Randy Gaiero

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Gary Ostrow

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Outlaw Bear Baiting In South Carolina

This inhumanity is a reflection of the souless sub humans whose lives should be extinquished in the most horrific way! It brakes my heart to see the suffering these helpless bears endure at the hands of a different kind of animal called "man". I am forever haunted by these images and find those repsponsible as disposable and not worthy of breathing the same air as mine. Please sign the petition and help stop the bleeding!! This is one among too many causes that must no longer be tolerated!!!!

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