I believe that having a child is more than a choice, they are god given gifts that we must value and protect. I support any movement involving children and encourage all to take notice. Lets promise to protect them and make a difference.

it is something we all American's should remember as a tragedy to our nation. We should remember, that GOD should not be removed from our Schools, and it does not matter, what type of GOD we see, at the end, it is one all mighty! We should pray for all Parents for these HUGE lost and pray for…Read More

We are parents and our kids are the most precious gift we got. There are no riches bigger for us than our son and our daughter. We send them to school every morning and we expect them to return home every afternoon.
Losing a child is the most unbearable pain for any parent and my heart goes out…Read More

Just would'nt like to see Australia following the same foot steps.

Iam a preschool teacher and we worry more and more each day about the safety of all our children and ourselves.More has to be done to ensure our safety in schools and public places.All schools should have built in security no matter the cost.My work place is in a low income area and we have no…Read More

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