Just would'nt like to see Australia following the same foot steps.

Iam a preschool teacher and we worry more and more each day about the safety of all our children and ourselves.More has to be done to ensure our safety in schools and public places.All schools should have built in security no matter the cost.My work place is in a low income area and we have no…Read More

We as a society need to do something NOW to control the gun violence in this country. It is completely out of control and we have lost enough innocent lives!

I 'm not a parent, but my brother is a parent to an 8 year old son (my nephew and godchild) and an almost 2 year old daughter. I know he would be devastated if either of them were injured by means of a gun, so this is why this campaign matters to me. We need to get guns off the streets and stop…Read More

When I was in 7th grade a friend was accidently shot with a gun at his house. But to see innocent children lost in our schools from columbine to pennsylvania to sandy hook. My heart mourns for all those who lost their smiles too soon in life.

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