Every day, 15 million Californians count on PG&E to deliver safe, reliable and affordable gas and electric service to their homes and businesses. It is our privilege to power California and we do so with an eye toward rebuilding customer trust and building a better PG&E for the long term. At its core, this means moving forward in a way that creates a stable, durable and long-lasting company—one that is able to support the sustainability of our customers, our employees and the environment.

At PG&E we believe that a forward thinking company is one that follows through on its promises today while planning for the future. A renewed focus on benchmarking industry best practices is charting our course toward our long-term goal of operating the safest utility in the country. We are listening to our customers and introducing new tools and technologies to better serve them. And we are forging stronger relationships with our stakeholders to sustain the success and economic vitality of towns and neighborhoods across our 70,000 square mile service area in northern and central California.

But at PG&E, we know that corporate goals and industry benchmarking are meaningless without the passion and dedication of our 21,000 employees. The work they do to serve our customers every day is what fuels our progress as a company. They are the everyday heroes who keep the lights on and the gas flowing.


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