WTF the government think they can just keep kicking people while they are down. It has gotten worse and I didn't think that was possible, Government officials have stolen tax payers money, they have trusted bankers to loose billions of tax payers money in investments and let the bankers leave with lottery win style pensions and now they want disabled people to work to pay back for there mistakes. How is this possible in this day and age (oh yeah its because the rich now rule and the working class and unemployed and worthless). There are millions of unemployed people that are not disabled why not get them back to work, what about people claiming disability benefit the Government put on the list to massage the unemployment figures since the 80's but please explain to me what government c**t decided to actually target truly disabled people. these are people who maybe have had an accident, lost a limb, fought for our country and is now disabled because of it or just born disabled. Now lets please stand up against these idiots, we did it with expenses and although it was a small win it was still a win for great Britain (we stopped it happening again hopefully but didn't get convictions on the scum that stole from tax payers and thought it was OK to do so because they have the money to think that anything they do is right or within the law, funny if i had a moat payed for by tax payers i am pretty sure i would be in prison right now but i am scum as i am not in the rich club). Lets get another win and support our disabled the way we should, a lot of these people have been fighting for many years to get enough money to live on because of there disability to now have it stolen away in no time by this new Nazi state we are turning into with a very clear monitory divide between the lower-working class to the middle-upper class. What happened to human rights in this country or do human rights not apply to the disabled and on the month before the para-Olympics. What impression are we leaving on our next generation.


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