On February 18, 2012, my brother Jack lost his battle with drug addiction.  Jack fought what was ultimately a losing battle against a terrible disease that afflicts so many.

My wife and I are running The Allstate Life Insurance New York 13.1 Marathon on March 23, inorder to raise money for the Partnership at Drugfree.org on behalf of Jack. 

We are dedicating this race to both Jack's memory and to the memory of all those who have succumbed to this terrible disease.

Jack's struggle with his disease was a long and painful journey that left our family devastated.  Our lives have been changed forever by this tragic
loss.  We are now focused on raising awareness about drug addiction and
helping to provide education on substance abuse to those affected by this

One of the most difficult struggles families who have been affected by this disease face is the misplaced shame associated with addiction. One of our goals is to relieve this stress and shame and let people know that we are all going through this together.  We need to start facing addiction as a disease and not just a social condition. Until we treat addiction as a disease and not just a life style choice we will all continue to lose loved ones to this misinterpreted disease.

Please help us raise money for this cause.


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