It is about time that Carnival and others realize that the ocean is not a toilet or dumping ground. We rely on it for so many things, and the ecosystem itself is under constant threat. Stand up and be a leader on this Carnival, don't continue to be a chicken of the sea.....

I am currently visiting the Caribbean and have seen first hand what an impact
poor Eco choices are having on the fish in this area(Trinidad and Tobago).
The fishermen are coming in each morning with only small catches of fish - sometimes as low as 5 or 6 fish!. So it's obviously affecting the fish…Read More

I was on a beach in panama and it was full of trash. I asked the people why people littered so much and was told that it was not them it was all coming from the cruise ships that docked off of the coast. It was disgusting and showed what little regard the ship people had for the countries they…Read More

Ours Seas are not a sewer !!

carnaval cruise

tell Carnival Cruise Lines to stop polluting our oceans
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