The Reconomy Global Timebank:

Imagine rebuilding the marketplace from the bottom-up so that the people become the foundation, we become the bankers, the providers of energy.  This is what we have underway, through our collective power, and our Global Timebank is the first step: building an online community of motivated, mutual support.

Membership in our Global Timebank is free. How it works: The member agreement is the text of the Petition at (Please sign and share our petition to help us gather support for this tool to create millions of jobs building a prosperous, sustainable future.)

You'll have a secure, personal online account that is mobile-accessible, for convenient person-to-person exchange of services. Each member offering a service through this timebank will have a free listing in the global catalogue and on the global map. Except for the time you choose to donate to have paid forward, the time you spend helping others is credited, the time that others spend helping you is debited. Continuing operations are funded through advertising by members and by contributions. The collective membership will vote to determine the amount of time-debt that members can hold, the advertising rates, and to elect members of the governing body.

Our Timebank launches when we reach 1000 members. You're welcome to explore the free demo of the basic banking software at

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For more information visit our website at
or send inquiries to [email protected].

Please share this with your friends today. We need all of us.
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