Don't let em put yet another chain around your neck -this is their way of getting you to pay twice! -effectvely you'll wind up piggybacking parasites to our water supplies -tell them to fuck off once and for all! If we let them have the water -how will we prevent them getting their hand on anything…Read More

Families are already struggling to come to grips that life already has it high prices and cost to living from day to day.. Water Meters will add more stress on most Whanau I work with on top of already day to day issues, which I definitely don't want to have or see... And whilst a few benefit from…Read More

A trailer for a forthcoming documentary on water privitization in Highland Park, Michegan. Produced by Liz Miller. Sound Design by Owen…Read More

Because - we asked the hard questions re water metering during the recent Local Government Elections, and were not told the truth "NO…Read More

Hamilton's big water worry

Hamilton's big water worry DANIEL ADAMS MARK TAYLOR/Fairfax NZ Just add water: Gay-Lyn Dos Santos,, and children Samantha, left, Ethan, Megan and Jorge. Hamilton's less well-off and large families will be the big losers if the introduction of water meters goes ahead - so much so that officials already expect they'll need help paying their…Read More