Hamilton City Council voted 9-3 today to start work on a business plan for setting up a CCO (Council Controlled Organisation) - a Company to run the water supply and waste water collection for Hamilton, plus Waikato & Waipa Districts. 3 Councillors - Gallagher, Macpherson & Wilson voted against this move, stating it was a precursor to privatisation, and would require the installation of residential water meters in all Hamilton homes. 

Several Councillors who claimed during the 2013 election campaign to be opposed to water meters voted FOR the move. The 3 who stuck to their election promises, cited the expensive experience of Aucklanders with Watercare as a sign of things to come if a water company runs Hamilton's water.

The details of the business plan investigation will come back to the Council in late July, along with an option to keep running the water and waste water services as a Council Dept - the option wanted by Wilson, Macpherson & Gallagher. 

Residents who oppose privatisation and water meters for this important should be letting all Councillors know their feelings.

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