No Sales Here - Just Success!

  • Victory

TODAY, the people have spoken. Loudly and clearly.  TODAY, Climate Reality combined over 17,000 signatures from here on Causes with over 109,00 official statements from everyday Americans on our website supporting the EPA's Clean Power Plan and a healthy…Read More

Hottest September On Record

  • Update #13

The Planet Just Had Its Warmest September On Record, Continuing Hot Streak.  This past September was the warmest since records began in 1880, according to new data released by NASA this weekend. The announcement continues a trend of record or near-record…Read More

Recess is over

  • Update #12

Congressional climate deniers just got back from recess, and they’re already attacking the EPA's proposed plan to lower carbon emissions, avoid premature deaths, prevent asthma attacks, and save money. Stand up to the denial and help support climate action…Read More

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