There are men and women gave thier lives, fighting a war that was unpopular. They should have been welcome home without being spit upon or being call names. The people who want it taken down needs to be sent from the USA. It was because of all the men and women who ever fought for our country…Read More

Let us never forget the men who fight and die for our country. Even the smallest memorial honoring the memory of our Fallen has meaning to the families who lost a soldier. The Vietnam memorial in Coos Bay, OR should be well kept as a reminder to honor the memory of the 258,000 plus soldiers who…Read More

These men & women died for God & Country!

Our country was founded on Christian principles and I'm tired of the FEW who think it's only about them. If they don't want what the principles our great country was founded on then please move away to a communist country and you should be happy. I volunteered to go to Vietnam to help out people…Read More

It's time to give for those who paid the ultimate sacrifice

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