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Tonya Watson Tiffany

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Save The Vietnam Veterans Memorial In Coos Bay, Or

This memorial is under attack from a group called Freedom from Religion. There goal is to get rid of public displays of Christianity and Judaism. This cannot be tolerated in a country that was founded to have Freedom OF Religion. This memorial has actually been attacked with a homemade bomb. Please join this campaign and sign the petition.

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Richard E. Nygaard

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Save The Vietnam Veterans Memorial In Coos Bay, Or

Who in the hell do these atheist bastards think they are. The fact that they are even on this earth is because our creator and savior Jesus Christ gave his life for us and indeed for them. And I have never met a single atheist in a fox hole or as we Marines call them fighting holes. That is for maybe one exception, a misguided Navy Corpsman in Viet Nam war who came home and could not reconcile a God that would take so many off the battlefield. Well my atheist friend, you need to understand that sooner or later, we all have our destiny and they were needed in Heaven which is why they were taken. Some of us are left behind in every war because the Lord has a job for us to do. Some of us find out quickly what our Lord has in store for us, others of us find out in time. But in time if you do not repent and accept Jesus into your life it may indeed become too late for any of you to redeem yourselves. So leave my and my brothers and sisters in service to our country to our beliefs and stay the hell out of our business lest the Lord extract his vengeance upon you. For the rest of us, God Bless these valiant heroes who gave their lives for our country, their God and their Corps and not necessarily in that order. Semper Fi. Please go here and sign the petition to keep these atheists from dictating anything from the rest of us.

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