These brave and honorable patriots deserve their "Welcome Home" and "Thank You" parade and more...

This campaign is at its infancy.  There is no real organized effort yet. 
I'm trying to get some organizers started. 

The war in Iraq started for America in March 2003 and our troops pulled out in December 2011.

The Afghanistan War started in October 2001 and our troops will be gone by December 2014. 

Between the two wars over 2 million Americans have already served.

It will take a long time to organize parades.  I'm trying to start the interest

I don't want these vets to wait like Vietnam vets had to wait.

Thanks for taking an interest.
      Jack Cunningham

We started this Facebook campaign on Saturday, June 22, 2013.  Two days later, we had near 1,500 petition signers.

To me, this number proves the interest is there...

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