Many Veterans were dishonorably discharged BECAUSE they had PTSD. As such they cannot ask the VA for treatment of the condition they were dishonorably discharged FOR.

Our own government mocks it military with their anti-veteran policies.

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Our Veterans Always Answered the Call to Duty...
To Ensure that Our Freedoms, Our Citizens and Our Country
Were Secure.. for Love of Country...Never hesitating
or questioning the danger to themselves..Untold numbers
paid the ultimate sacrifice, others live with catastrophic injuries..
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No explaination needed

Stop the mocking, jokes and harassing of PTSD disabled veterans and Military men and women

Everyone should be treat it with respect and dignity .. Understand and listen with compassion for they need help to cope with their emotions daily.. Never get frustration with them. Be patient and pray for deliverance of PTSD. God works wonders.

I myself have PTSD for another reason, but do know what it's like to b mocked n have ppl not understand what it's like. I definitely do not think our American troops should have to suffer anymore than they have!

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