No one, who fights for his country, should have to fight for his Due Process as a PLAINTIFF against corrupt state officials. Together,…Read More

PTSD Veteran Asks YOU To Join His nearing 33,000 Supporters

Support War Veteran's fight against Chris Christie cronyism,,,,,,,,,,,,,…Read More

Your case is interesting, I have run into certain things in NJ courts myself…

Statute of limitations issue is bogus… fraud has no limitation in federal court, and Statute of limitations runs from the time the fraud is found… It is an act to deceive, an act of fraud, an act to manipulate due…Read More

Since Chris Christie does NOT acknowledge this petition, the email, the US mail and hundreds of phone calls to his office concerning this request for an investigation, please call this list of New Jersey State senators:

Senator Dawn Marie Addiego Republican (609) 654-1498

Senator Diane B.…Read More

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