what's your opinion on this

  • Update #245

what's your opinion on this  I live in a nice mix of different races. My wife's family and many of her friends, are from The Bronx and we spend a great deal of time there.  Truly, nice people easily cross every boundary.   We all know really nice…Read More

Leadership Matters

  • Update #244

Can this 2016 presidential candidate's promise of "Truth and Compromise" and 'real' leadership matters be believed? Chris Christie refuses to answer a decorated, veteran's correspondence. How will he be able to handle the current problems facing America…Read More

The Light Is Fading On America...

  • Update #242

The Light Is Fading On America... Find YOUR Voice DON'T  WAIT  TOO  LONG  TO  STAND  YOUR  GROUND Your Family Will Already Be Divided By The Time Of The Knock  The more you divide the people into smaller groups, the easier it is to conquer them. Crush…Read More

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