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Stop Harassing A Veteran's Ptsd Disability

This campaign is important to me. I am diagnosed with PTSD. I never knew it but my friends and family could tell something was terribly wrong with me. I could not control situations, I became very angry at times, and I hurt my family in the process without even realizing it. They grew apart from me and left me to be alone. Do you have any idea what it is like to have family that doesn't want to be around you. I do not sleep well, I am somewhat restless, and nightmares of killing people which I never have but feel I can do it in a split second. People shy away from me. I often eat alone and am usually by myself. It hurts to be in a world of your own. I feel like a prisoner within myself with no escape. I struggle to be accepted. I believe in doing what is right but I find it difficult doing it alone. I have often had suicidal tendencies and figure this would solve all my problems. I speak my mind and sometimes this is not liked by others but I had much rather be honest and up front than to lie back and stab you in the back. My way of life is different, it is unique. The only true friends I have are my social workers at VA Mental Health. I can tell them anything and they listen. I guess they are not really friends but they listen and try to help. I am not afraid to tell them anything and they are the only ones I really talk to. No one else understands me. This harassment needs to stop for until you have walked in a VETERANS shoes you have no idea. Yes I suffer with PTSD and I deal with it in my own way but for you to cast me aside and you do not know my situation, then you have no right. People are killing themselves each and every day because of those that do not understand. There is only one God and only he understands and can help us get through our troubles and he will get us through this one. My brothers, sisters, and comrades: I LOVE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU AND PRAY THAT YOU HELP US TO WIN THIS FIGHT. JIM GOINS

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