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    Worked as IT Project Manager for Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield, attended Power Memorial, raised in…Read More

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"Mediocre minds usually dismiss anything which reaches beyond their own understanding" ~ Francois de La Rochefoucauld You are honest and…Read More

Pledge to stand with these characteristics – HONOR, COURAGE and VIGILANCE · Get the News Media Attention on Family Law Reform

6. Because I have the God given right to liberty, I have the personal responsibility to have the courage to defend others to be secure in their persons, lives and property. 7. Because I have the right to equal justice, I will stand for those who are wrongly accused or unjustly blamed. 8. Because I have the right to knowledge, I will be…Read More

I’ve lost my family fully paid Condo to the most corrupted late former Oregon A.G Dave Frohnmayer! I hired Bob Ackerman to take care of…Read More

A.G. Ellen F. Rosenblum: Investigate the abuse of power & criminal forgery by David Frohnmayer and Lane County Government

I’m an Arab American Muslim woman who’s been targeted by all kinds of hate crimes since 1985! I’ve lost my fully paid Condo to the most corrupted Oregon's former A.G Dave Frohnmayer!  After the Condominium Associated of River Island Estates put a lien on it..  I hired Bob Ackerman -'which I filed a complaint against him with OSB'- to take…Read More