Stop the madness of cruel traps!

  • Update #13

First many thanks to the more than 46,000 people that have signed the petition so far, that is tremendous. We continue to feel strongly that no issue is as cruel and senseless than animal trapping. We must work to educate people on why this is not about…Read More

Delivering Petitions!

  • Update #11

Bold Visions Conservation is in the process of printing out more than 45,000 signatures on this petition that we plan to deliver to the New Mexico Game and Fish Department in the next couple of weeks.  We hope to have several important state representatives…Read More

​Finding Faith in Wildlife

  • Update #10

Finding Faith in Wildlife Stephen Capra It seems the older I get the more I look at life and try to understand the meaning of the word faith. In my younger years my idealism was focused on working toward change through politics. There were many exciting…Read More

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