Stop the Slaughter

  • Update #6

Let your voices be heard this coming Wednesday in Truth or Consequences, NM. The ranching community will come out in full to spread lies about wolves and ranching. Let your voice for wolves be loud and firm. Let's stop paying heed to those who take government…Read More

Stop the Killing

  • Update #5

The soft underbelly of some in the conservation community must end if we are to protect wolves. We cannot support killing and drag our feet on trapping. We must come together with one defined strategy, one that says clearly that we will not condone killing…Read More

The Slaughter Continues

  • Update #4

Game and Fish Departments in the West continue the slaughter of wolves while mainstream conservation groups continue to profit from unsuspecting people concerned about the fate of wolves. We continue to say that organizing must occur in urban centers and that…Read More

​10-Point Wolf Update

  • Update #3

10-Point Wolf Update —Bold Visions Conservation has met with key legislators to discuss Game and Fish Reform. From this has come legislation to audit elements of Game and Fishes Endangered Species Program. —We continue to write, speak out and expand our…Read More

BVC has a new SANE Pilot School!

  • Update #2

The Bosque School, in Albuquerque, NM has agreed to become the Pilot School for SANE (Student’s Action Network for the Environment)! We look forward to our first meetings with teachers in August, as they begin preparation for the new school year. The Bosque…Read More

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