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You And Bvc Can Stop Wolf Killing!

This campaign matter's to me cause I am sick and tired of seeing these beautiful creatures get hunted in huge amounts. I am tired of how these hunters which I call "Monsters" are setting traps, poisoning, using air craft to outrun the wolves so when they get tired, they get shot. I find this is all bull! These animals were here before us. They prey on the weak and sick. It hurts to see pictures like these, or pictures of baby cubs dead, not even a chance at life. Wolves do what we do. They try to keep their family alive. When they go out to grab food a older wolf always stays behind like a babysitter for the cubs to keep them close to home. How can you hurt something that is so much alike us. Then I see pictures of the adults who hunts and holding his so called prize with their child in their arms, smiling both of them. What does that teach the children. Hunting is okay to do? It's not okay to do. I hope all campaigns about stopping wolf hunts gets the fighting chance to stop what these people are going which they think is right when its not it's WRONG! Pledge with me so we can help and get up to 1,000. Who knows maybe we can do more? Maybe we can get to higher numbers than that. Please help me.

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