The NSA Joins the Mile High Club

  • Update #27

Friends, 35,000 Feet Above...Could be Oklahoma...Could be the NSA?!?!   Excuse the Jason Aldean reference but I am feeling kind of silly today! Just when this story couldn’t get any crazier...The NSA has decided to join the mile high club! The NSA is…Read More

I don't buy it!

  • Update #26

Friends, Last week President Obama said he is going to reform the NSA.   Believe him?  Or is this just another Obama lie?  According to the Guardian Obama’s reforms are a sham and leave little room for actual change...  “The significant thing about…Read More

Even Former Presidents Fear the NSA

  • Update #25

Friends, That’s right! Even a former US President is scared of the NSA! Former President Jimmy Carter is so scared of the NSA he refuses to send email and solely relies on “snail mail” for his private correspondence! According to President Carter: …Read More

Snowden feels vindicated by reaction

  • Update #23

Friends, A lot has been made about the Snowden leaks of 2013. While it remains to be seen what the end result of all this will mean, one thing is clear:  We are making progress!  A few weeks ago Edward Snowden spoke to a crowd of Tech Industry giants about…Read More

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