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Dario Rene Andalon

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Stop Government Spying! Fight Back Against The Nsa

By a freedom of expression, without censorship, reinstall to Phil Robertson It seems to me that humanity needs to be seen healthy programs, within the acceptance of the freedom of thinking and the way you are, the Robertson family is a classic American family that still has our roots that created this great nation, I hope you will reconsider the position of A&E, has always been distinguished by presenting programs of very good standard and quality, it seems to me that in this case the program of the Robertson family represents the everyday life, simple and simple people from field, as living other people that are part of the EU

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MarCella Kelley

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Stop Government Spying! Fight Back Against The Nsa

I have shared this before and will again and again. This is not right !!! TO SPY ON US IN ARE OWN HOMES !!! I'm getting where I don't even want to take my close off to take a shower or just to change I know I have to but it makes me sick to think someone is watching me or my family !!! Peeking toms go to jail for such things,and label'd as a PERVERT !!! So why should the Government be aloud to ???? PERVERTS !!!!!! Stop Government Spying! Fight Back Against the NSA Make Your Pledge Today !!!

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Patricia Newton

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Stop Government Spying! Fight Back Against The Nsa

It matters to me because for too long our government has screwed its people and taken from them. The government should try, TRY, to give back to the people, at least to it's elders and their displaced families (the homeless) and esp. the returning soldiers unable to cope and see death as a way out. (God knows it is not a way out.)

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