Today, the veteran benefits sent to a disabled Army veteran, her 11 year old daughter and 4 month old son, are being taken away and given to an ex-spouse. Because these non-taxable veteran benefits are being changed into legally taxable spousal support the ex-spouse can't qualify for food stamps or public assistance on their own and the disabled veteran can't take care of her children. The only people who win in this situation are the lawyers.

The last time this failure of our federal Veterans agency happened, we FIRED THEM!!!
A veteran took the case Rose v Rose to the US Supreme in 1987.
The Supreme Court ruled, the Veterans Administration was a FAILURE and that the law doesn't even "OBLIGATED" the VA to do its job!

This is why in 1988 the US Congress got rid of the Veterans Administration. They created the USDVA with the Department of Veterans Affairs Act. The lawyers have found a new way to confuse the courts and transfer a veteran's compensation into their own pockets.

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Today, the lawyers are trying to outwit the law. They are preying on a tragic time in a soldier's life when they return from war, injured and changed for life. A time when this immense stress causes so much pain for the family that 90% will end in divorce. The lawyers will feed on the hurt feelings and scare spouses into becoming their clients. They pretend to offer comfort by saying, I can get you some of the money that is suppose to care for a disabled veteran. NOT because it's good for the ex-spouse but because it's good for the lawyer.

The lawyer doesn't tell their client, as soon as they are legally divorced from the veteran the reason the money from the VA for them stops, is because they switch to being under the public systems and immediately become eligible for any and all 1600 public assistance programs. Many programs designed in mind to help these ex-spouses of veterans and work as a transition assistance program.

These ex-spouses use to have the difficult job of taking care of a hurt veteran. There is no fault here, it doesn't matter if they were fired or quit. The ex-spouses immediately become eligible for monthly Food Stamps ($250), HUD ($650 and up), College travel and expense stipend ($986) and many other monthly paying programs. They also automatically receive annual grants that more than pay all tuition, book and fees. The Pell Grant pays $5,700 a year for 4 years of college. In many states they provide a tuition waiver and the Pell Grant is refunded to them as cash.

The lawyers don't tell them about these resources. They tell these ex-spouses who are upset, confused and afraid of being on their own; I can probably get you about $1,000 a month. They coach them how to testify in court. The lawyers instruct them, don't tell the court the veteran is suffering from a condition; tell the court the veteran is intentionally inflicting their symptoms, injuries and disease on you. They demonize these veterans for one purpose. To convince a judge to change the legal definition and status of means-tested, protected veteran's compensation into a form of taxable, garnishable spousal support and considered "income". They don't tell these ex-spouses, by getting this money as "income" it will immediately disqualify them from the programs just mentioned.

The lawyer's main goal here isn't to get money for their client. If so, they would be fighting to prevent this from happening. The best interest of the client is to be able to access these transition services and get over $2,000 month of tax free protected funds and not the $1,000 of spousal support income they have to file taxes on. No, the lawyer wants the ex-spouse to get the spousal support because once that legal change happens they can force that money to be used to pay their fees. They bribe the clients with statements like this; "I won't charge you for my fees, I'll get the judge to award the fees from the veteran".

Help us save our fallen heroes! Help us protect our veterans AND their families!
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