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Gchi-Mukwa Jalabois

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Native Women Want Justice In North America!

Sisters in Spirit, By Albert Dumont Kitigan Zibi, Algonquin<<<<<< Sisters in Spirit Take us with You to that melancholy hill, Built by torrents of Heartaches, That tested your will, Comfort us with smiles, On all your brave faces, And then we will walk with you, To the most Healing places, There we will give you, Our offering, Of a blanket so grand, Yours to take with You, Into the Great Spirit land, With Eagle Feathers and songs, We give you, The honour you so merit, For always in Our Hearts, you are Our Spirit Sisters in Spirit,

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Evaristo Silva Cintron

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Native Women Want Justice In North America!

According to US Constitution, it says that all men are created equal. It should say that all human beings are created equal to include the most important person on this earth, which are Women. In a True Democracy, we need respect, love, communication, in confidence of the diversity of ideas. In order to restore the Nation, we need to start giving the right to the Native America to live their lives according to their traditional cultures, and We Need to Learn from them.

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Timothy Doxtator

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Native Women Want Justice In North America!

since the oppression of our people began more than five hundred years ago the colonists have despised our way of life because we set our women beside our men giving the women the respect they deserve as the givers of life and listened to the leaders of our clans clan mothers in choosing our leaders and structuring our nations in a consensus government that was given to our people in the original instructions at the creation of the original man this way of life conflicted totally to a monarchy that was founded solely on an upper class of these people oppressing their own so they could have the lions share of all that the subjects of the monarchy owned since our family unit is our strength it was only a matter of time that they would try destroy our family structures to weaken and attempt to destroy us so that they could steal all the resources that our people had set aside for all future generations of our original people the genocide that followed has not stopped since it began it has just changed its shape and name countless times and decorum of subject prohibits me from engaging this at this time but the slaughter of our women and children at the hands of these cowards who never had the guts or honor to face our men because they were defeated in every battle that we ever had with them tried countless times to murder every last women of all indigenous nations of the original inhabitants of north america power to the women of native ancestry honor to the life givers of all nations of our mother the earth for it is you who must come together four races four directions if change is ever going to come for the better of all man kind yowen goh TIMOTHY DOXTATOR ------- ONEIDA NATION WARRIOR ---LALOONDJAKS GOOH HUDI-- HE CUTS DOWN ALL THE BUSH

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Julia Rogers

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Native Women Want Justice In North America!

This touches me especially because,I am a woman first&secondly of native american origin.Thus said,this injustice has gone on fot many,many years&it is about time that all people are aware of these injustices&help by exercising our freedom of speech.By signing this petition so our voices will be spread&all peoples be aware,of the dire help that is needed.In order to do this....please sign this petition to get the facts out to everyone.Thank You.

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Jeffrey French

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Native Women Want Justice In North America!

What would you do when someone starts violently yelling and demeaning someone right in front of you? Would you stop it? And when they start crushing them with their fists as they humiliate them? Would you do SOMETHING??! What if that person were related to you? Imagine it's your own daughter, grand mother, your sweet heart???! Well, it's happening right now as you read this !

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