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After what we have seen and experienced, we the people of New Zealand no longer have faith in our local Councils to protect and not abuse our dogs while they are incarcerated in the Council funded pounds. The pound should at a minimum be a warm dry facility that holds our dogs until we can collect them. It should hold dogs in a manner that not only meets the five freedoms, but is also humane in treatment and thought. Even the dogs deemed dangerous or are suspected as dangerous should be treated with care, respect and compassion. Our view is there are no bad dogs, only badly treated dogs. They may not be safe in the community, but they should not spend at least 12 months in hell waiting for the courts to decide their fate. While waiting for a court decision they should be kept in humane environs. We wouldn’t allow inhumane treatment our prisons and yet criminals decide to commit crimes. Dogs only do what they are taught. It is not okay for dogs to be kicked, hosed down in their cages, left without sunlight, attacked by other dogs and traumatised . This is a systemic problem where Councils believe dogs need nothing more than food. Most of these dogs are family pets that have escaped from their properties through human error. Other times they may have acted in our defence or acted out of fear. We demand our dogs are treated humanely while incarcerated. Councils (and pounds by default) should be held accountable for their actions, not only to their constituents but to the Government of New Zealand.

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