We need your support. Its time for justice. Native women experience racism and discrimination at an alarming level from Canadian society. Its time to remove legislative racism and discrimination toward Native Women. 

Native women experience triple jeopardy discrimination from Canada:

1) because they are native

2) because they are a woman

3) because they are of lower and marginalized income

All native women are born under Legislative Poverty under the Indian Act. Many native women commit crimes to feed their children. 

5 out 7 native women are violently sexually assaulted in Canada, and the courts treat the victim like the criminal during court processes, and men usually walk

Native women are not treated equally for housing, jobs, social assistance, education, health care, and justice. They are devalued by a doctor, rather than being treated appropriately. They are refused rental housing, rather than being treated equally in society. Doctors usually treat native women with discrimination and racism, and misdiagnose their illness. 

Human Rights System is not built to take complaints, for native women. The layers of racism and discrimination runs deep in Canada. 

Its time for justice and acknowledgment that native women are hunted down and murdered in Canada. Please support our human rights cause and petition. 


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