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I (We) Support And Will Defend Our American Constitution

U.S. judge orders landmark California cross taken down Hon. Larry Alan Burns, District Judge Suite 1410 Courtroom 14A (14th Floor - Annex) Mr. Daniel Mach, director of the American Civil Liberties Union's Mr. David Blair-Loy American Civil Liberties Union, San Diego, & Imperial Counties A judge on Thursday ordered that a war memorial cross atop a San Diego mountain be removed from federal property in 90 days but said the ruling would be put on hold if it is appealed. U.S. District Judge Larry Burns wrote that "it's time for finality" in the case, 22 years after another judge ordered the 43-foot cross atop Mount Soledad to be taken down. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in 2011 that the cross violated the constitutional separation of church and state. After the Supreme Court declined review, the case went back to Burns to consider possible alternatives. Burns rejected arguments that Congress may eventually agree to transfer the land to a private party. "If a transfer were underway or were imminent, or there was a strong prospect of a transfer, the question would be more difficult," he wrote in a five-page ruling. Burns said he believed the cross doesn't represent a government attempt to promote religion but acknowledged that the appellate court ruled differently. Attorneys for Defense Secretary Charles Hagel, who is named as a defendant, didn't immediately respond to messages seeking comment on whether the government would appeal. Charles LiMandri, an attorney for the Mount Soledad Memorial Association, said Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito has signaled that the group backing the cross could return directly to the nation's high court if it disapproved of Burns' ruling. "Unless the U.S. Supreme Court denies review or takes it and finds it unconstitutional, that cross isn't going anywhere," LiMandri said. "At that point, we'll go to Congress. We're not giving up." The American Civil Liberties Union represented the Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America and several local residents to challenge display of the cross. "We support the government paying tribute to those who served bravely in our country's armed forces," said Daniel Mach, director of the ACLU Program on Freedom of Religion and Belief. "But we should honor all of our heroes under one flag, not just one particular religious symbol." The cross, which offers sweeping ocean views from San Diego's La Jolla area, was used for Easter celebrations in the early 1900s and became a memorial to Korean War veterans in the 1950s. For more information of this issue you can Google up Federal Judge Larry Burns has Ordered the Mt Soledad Cross taken down. You can also see the Memorial with the tributes and photos posted on the wall that encircles the Cross. I FULLY UNDERSTAND that the Jewish Faith does not recognize the Cross or Jesus but what I DON'T UNDERSTAND if the issue is that there is not A STAR OF DAVID AT THE SITE THEN WHY NOT PUT ONE NEXT TO THE CROSS FOR I AM SURE THAT THERE ARE JEWISH MILITARY SERVICE MEMBERS WHO ARE ON THE WALL THAT ENCIRCLES THE MEMORIAL. PLEASE TAKE THE TIME AND GOOGLE UP THE SITE I NOTED SO YOU CAN SEE THE BEAUTY OF THIS MEMORIAL AND TO LEARN MORE ABOUT IT. TO MY JEWISH VETERAN BROTHERS, THIS MEMORIAL HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH A SPECIFIC RELIGION IT IS A MEMORIAL NOT A STATEMENT AND I AM SURE IN ISRAEL THERE IS A MEMORIAL TO YOUR FALLEN IN YOUR STRUGGLE IN THE MIDDLE EAST AND TO THOSE WHO WERE MURDERED IN THE HOLLOCOST AND I AM SURE THAT THERE WERE CHRISTIANS WHO HAVE DIED ALONG SIDE OF YOU AS I WOULD GLADLY DO FOR WE ARE AS ONE IN GOD.

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I (We) Support And Will Defend Our American Constitution

Our rights and freedoms mean a lot to me. Equality means a lot to me. What is going on in Washington is absolutely APPALLING! Obama is making deals with the terrorists, he lies about so many things, it is hard to know where to begin. How can someone like this be running our country? Antichrist comes to my mind. Please sign and share as 13 years ago, our nightmare began with the US court system. It has been nothing but heartbreaking, frustrating and have found out that there IS NO ONE TO TALK TO AS NOT ONE SOUL IN ANY FEDERAL OR STATE AGENCY WANTS TO DISCUSS THE ISSUE OF OUR RIGHTS BEING VIOLATED. I have been writing, emailing, sending articles to state senators, congress, no one will even get involved. There is not one person that I can go to work on reforms. NO ONE! The buck has been passed so much, no one has jurisdiction, authority to do anything or change anything. We have 1 in 4 inmates ARE INNOCENT. This is CONSTITUTIONAL? I should say not. This is not the America I knew. My husband and I have been harassed for 13 years now, all because of an evil man who just sees "JUDGIEPOO" in his future and would and will do anything to become one. He is guilty of coercion and pressuring my stepson, then 14 years old, as he responded to my stepson RIGHT before the trial began that he did not want to go thru with trial because he lied about his dad. This evil man's response? "Well, we have come this far, we might as well go all the way!" What kind of response is that? What kind of example is this to a child? This moron needs to go and step down. He is a menace to society and if he did this to us, he has done this to others. He just wanted to win the case, he did not care about truth or guilt, just WIN! His record would look so wonderful. This man should not judge even a fly as he has no morals or ethics. I have been demanding a total investigation into this man and his deeds. What? He is untouchable? He is not God. Eugene R Callistro, Jr of New Haven needs to be put behind bars as he is a criminal himself. He gets away with it because of the position he holds. Ruining people's lives and their family's lives is BREAKING THE LAW. HE NEEDS TO GO. There are so many other individuals just like him in our system right now as we speak and they are getting away with horrendous crimes that you and I would not be able to get away with. He needs to be put behind the bars with no PC at all. His motives are not for right or wrong, his motives are dirty and evil and he is not above the law. What this man has done to our family would make your head spin. The harassment this man has done to us is unbelievable. I pray every day for new people, descent people to come in and run our system, not scum like him.There are too many rats in our system. It is time to put the rat poison out and take them out. Our country is going to pot and it is because of people like this man that are making it that way. Think of being harassed for 13 yrs by the state of CT, having your house illegally searched because you call the police that you had a breakin. They brought the finger print dusting machine with them but never took any prints. I have been harassed by cops saying I am speeding when I am at a full stop. And how about the movie, Lawless America? Out of 1400 interviews, MINE was the only interview that was destroyed. We had to go to DC to refilm it. Isn't that coincidental? 1 out of 1400? We have had to spend over a quarter of a million dollars on legal fees for something that never even happened! This legal mess is becoming old. My husband isn't even on probation as the state of CT could not take my husband off because of a "glitch" in the system? He is still getting letters from the probation dept and if he doesn't respond he is in trouble for violation of probation but he is not on probation? Does that make any sense to you? Any evidence that may have helped seemed to always get "lost" or "destroyed" by the state of CT. Our lives have been so wrongly invaded by a system that refuses to take accountability for their own actions. The state of CT is wrong and is wasting more and more time and money on a case that never was. The state knows it screwed up but won't admit to it. That is the bottom line. My goal is to educate my fellow Americans of what is "really" going on a corrupt system that we are paying for in taxes. Most Americans have NO CLUE of what is "really" going on. They take the nightly news as being so credible. It is not and that is what America needs to do is wake up and start fighting to take our rights back before we have none. We are Americans and we do have rights. My rights and my husband's rights have been so violated, it is sickening. There is nothing you can do or say. Our constitutional rights have been so openly violated. My goal is also to expose all those that are corrupt and bring it into the light. We all should be marching in DC as this is "OUR" country, not just "theirs". Complacency gets you nowhere. We all must stand together in doing what is right. It is time for the talk to turn into actions. I take the Constitution very seriously and I take my rights very seriously. It is time for America as a whole, to stand their ground, know their rights and don't back down for what you know is "right" as our govt's has no clue. They make up the laws as they go. It is time for America to wake up and start taking your rights BACK. This country is a mess and it starts at the top with the corruption. Please help me to educate fellow Americans of the reality of the evilness and corruption that is in our government and ways to reform it. What happened to our family could happen to yours. That is something I wouldn't wish on anyone-sheer torture from people we pay salaries for. It is time for awareness and action.

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I (We) Support And Will Defend Our American Constitution

I am writing this petition for our troops in the United States please help are troops on military base and are recruiting office. Thank you very much these troop were thier for us now lets be thier for them Don Onley MSG US Army (Retired) Dear Sir or Ma’am, I am an American Service Member, I began writing this letter on Veteran’s day, but decided to send it on this, the first day of the new congress. I am writing to advise you of a travesty of law, and to ask for your action to redress it. It is illegal for me or for my brothers and sisters in arms to carry our arms where we work. Despite my intense training in weapons proficiency and employment and significant performance when deployed, when I return home I am not trusted to carry even a pistol to protect myself or my fellow service members where we work, and when assigned to some states, am not even permitted to bear my personal arms to protect my family at home or elsewhere. My fellow Service members and I face real threats at home. High-profile cases like the attacks on Fort Hood and the Navy Yard have grabbed headlines; Columbine, Sandy Hook, and Virginia Tech also demonstrate that such threats affect our families and fellow citizens. Many more of my brothers and sisters have been gunned down one on one with less notice; and that does not even account for the many citizens who we have sworn to protect. Our oath was to support and defend the Constitution, and thus citizens of this nation, from enemies both foreign and domestic; yet we are not allowed to bear our arms to fulfill our oath. The public wrongly assumes the “Armed Forces” to be armed and capable of repelling attacks, at very least on our own bases. We are not. I accept my charge to defend the nation willingly, I volunteered. I understand there must be rules to govern the use of force. I offer the attached ten points to detail a broad policy that can be used to make this happen. 1) Mandatory open carry of select Armed Forces Personnel while on duty and in uniform, supplemented by appropriate training and restricted by mental/behavioral health evaluations and criminal record inquiries 2) Optional, but fully legalized, concealed carry for all Armed Forces Personnel 3) Carry license for both would be the already issued military identification Card, specially marked By empowering our commands and relying on our disciplined forces, we can improve our Armed Force's ability to protect itself, and reduce our enemy's ability to threaten the American People as a whole. A sweeping Republican majority was just elected in the mid-term elections. That party claims to be pro-military and pro-gun rights. I urge you to work with this majority in fixing this appalling state of affairs. I am a single-issue voter, this is my issue. Allow me and my brothers and sisters in-arms to protect ourselves as we protect the American people. Arm the Armed Forces! Sincerely and Very Respectfully, First Name, Last Name American Service-Member and Voting Constituent ---Attachment: Arm the Armed Forces 10 Point Policy: 1. Yearly pistol qualifications required (live fire Joint combat pistol course to be established) 2. "A" for "armed" added to our military ID card right below the name. 3. Option for authority to be armed available at command discretion for all service-members (regardless of age) and mandatory for line Officers, Senior Non Commissioned Officers and those serving in a Law Enforcement capacity. 4. Open-Carry mandatory and an inspect-able item when on duty (normal workday not just Duty Officer etc.) 5. Concealed carry optional when off duty. Service members will be authorized for use of deadly force in defense of self and others from deadly threats or serious bodily harm ONLY. 6. Weapons will be under direct control of service-members at all times or unloaded and double-locked when on Government Property. 7. Negligent Discharges and other related weapons crimes or conduct infractions punishable with mandatory Non-Judicial Punishment, forfeiture of pay and required re-qualification, command retains option for elevation to Courts-Martial, repeat offenses subject to Bad Conduct Discharges. 8. Active Duty, Reservist and National Guard service members will now be covered under the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act (LEOSA) Federal Law, or a parallel law will be created explicitly for them. The US attorney's office is charged to defend this protection against any legal challenges. 9. Mental Health/Behavioral objections from any military medical officer or any authority in the service member’s chain of command will immediately suspend the authority/requirement for carry, pending review by a board comprised of command, medical and mental health officers, suspension of authority is independent of prohibition on owning personal weapons-this will be handled under pre-existing regulations, suspension pending review does not automatically bear on proficiency evaluations or promotions 10. When on Government Property, service members granted authority would furnish their own weapons in the standard service caliber, weapons will be semi-automatic, in good working order, and will be fed by standard sized magazines (neither extended beyond the magazine well nor reduced in capacity).

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