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Hey @LilTunechi, America wants you to apologize for stomping on our #patriotism, even if you didn't mean it.

Rapper Stomps On American Flag In His Music Video

Rapper Lil Wayne has incurred the wrath of American patriots by stomping all over the U.S. flag while filming a music video in Louisiana over the weekend of June 14 - 16, 2013. The Lollipop hitmaker was shooting a promotional clip for his new track God Bless Amerika in New Orleans, when he was captured on camera intentionally dancing on the Star-Spangled Banner. Aside from upsetting his fellow countrymen, the rapper has also broken the law under the United States Flag Code. According to the United States guidelines, the American flag should never touch the ground or be stepped on, but fortunately for the star (real name Dwayne Carter, Jr.), the rules are not widely enforced by the government. 

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