Stop Government ARROGANCE

  • Update #12

Stop Government ARROGANCE, Hypocritical, Double Standard, Abuse Of Power   No one, who fights for his country, should have to fight for his Due Process as a PLAINTIFF against corrupt state officials.   Together, WE CAN STOP Today’s Corrupt... Political…Read More

The Left's 'War on the Cross'

  • Update #11

The Left's 'War on the Cross' is on a number of fronts... Remove the World Trade Center cross. Remove the 89 year old World War I Veterans Memorial Cross... Remove the Vietnam Veteran Memorial Cross... Please Sign and SHARE the petitions to…Read More

A Prayer Request

  • Update #8

A Prayer Request Please say a prayer this gets resolved one way or the other... Eleven (11) years is a long time!   I won't give up to get Justice, but it sure would be nice to get Justice soon. God Bless YOU and God Bless America! Disabled PTSD…Read More

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